Not all Asian Boys are the Same

Anything and everything about gay life anywhere in the world, especially Asia, other than Thailand.
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#11 Re: Not all Asian Boys are the Same

Postby Gaybutton » Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:24 pm

thaiworthy wrote:That way they can keep in touch, share photos, locations, selfies, etc.

And they can also try to hit up people for money, even when the holiday making farang returns to his home country. Holiday makers need to be prepared to deal with that.

When they try to hit me up, it depends on who it is, whether it's someone I know well enough to trust, and how much he's asking for. I almost never ask them why they want the money. I'll just get some sort of bullshit answer.

Now that we're at the end of the month and the beginning of next month, I'm getting loads of "I not have money for room" messages. Paying for their rooms is something I won't do - not for any of them. I won't pay attention to the "I not have money for eat" messages either.

"You don't look any leaner."
Sir Cedric Hardwicke (Sethi), 'The Ten Commandments'

Last week I got a "My grandfather died in Udon Thani, but I not have money for bus" message. I told him, sorry, but your bus fare will have to come from your family, not from me. He tried a few times more, insisting he can't go to his grandfather's funeral unless I help him. Guess what - I did not give him any money and two days ago I got a message from him - from Udon Thani. Maybe he walked to get there . . .

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#12 Re: Not all Asian Boys are the Same

Postby christianpfc » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:49 pm

thaiworthy wrote:I don't "block" anyone anymore, either. I un-blocked a money-boy once and he immediately contacted me and gave me his phone number to call. When we spoke, he blamed me for every misfortune he had since the block and proceeded to tell me off. Now I just "hide" them.

When you block someone on Line, he does not see you blocked him, he can send messages as much as he wants, they just don't show on your Line.

There is a mystery, some people say there is no logic in Thailand, however when I ask a boy
"do you have Line"
in most cases I get the answer
(and then I have to ask separately for his Line ID; assuming most Thais have Line, I should directly ask for Line ID)

There are free 3rd class trains to Udon Thani, and the train from Pattaya to Bangkok might be free for Thais as well (and if not, the boy can borrow the 31 Baht fare from someone - and anyway, what does he eat during the trip? The closer you look at those money requests, the more mysterious it gets - recently I spotted 3x1000 THB notes in my friend's wallet, and two days later he messaged me he has no money for food!)

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