China Backtracks on Gay Social Media Ban

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China Backtracks on Gay Social Media Ban

Post by fountainhall » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:02 pm

At the end of last week, the Chinese website Sina Weibo, often described as China's answer to Twitter, outraged the country's LGBT community by announcing it would clean up the site and from henceforth
"the platform would remove content including images, videos, text and cartoons that were related to pornography, violence, or homosexuality."
This produced an outrage in the LGBT community. One mother whose son is gay posted this comment -
"My son and I love our country... we are proud to be Chinese!" she said. "But today I saw the announcement by Sina a source of news, it is discriminating and attacking minorities, and this is violence!"
In an extraordinary turn of events for China, yesterday Sina Weibo made another announcement: it said its clean-up would "no longer apply to homosexual content".

There was no official reaction from the Chinese government to Sina Weibo's initial ban, nor to the subsequent reversal. But it is regarded as a major win for the country's LGBT community.

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