Bangkok Bank is again issuing Mastercard debit

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#1 Bangkok Bank is again issuing Mastercard debit

Postby Pattayamale » Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:02 pm

Today I went to Bangkok Bank on Pattaya Second Road. I went to exchange my union pay debit card which was not being accepted anywhere online. Beginning today November 5th they were reissuing the MasterCard debit card. They did charge me 100 baht even though I had to pay 100 baht for the useless union pay card just three months ago. But be careful if you are unaware, they may still try to replace an expiring card with the union pay card. I say this because there was one person who had an expired Visa debit card and they were going to give him the union pay debit card. I mentioned to him that he could not use that online and he asked the bank clerk about it and she agreed. He asked then for the MasterCard debit card.
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