Models in Bangkok's Moonlight Bar

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#1 Models in Bangkok's Moonlight Bar

Postby fountainhall » Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:57 pm

I see on another forum there is a post about the new Moonlight bar on the other side of Suriwong from Soi Twilight. I believe it is located in the old Jupiter bar. It seems they have a number of real models, not just the usual go-go money boys.

These models seem to be extremely handsome. I hope so because the off price, assuming they are prepared to go with you, is Bt. 1,000. The asking tip seems to be Bt. 6,000 but the poster advised he had this reduced to Bt. 5,000.

Since I have not visited the bars for some time, I wonder if any posters here have any experience of Moonlight.

6000 asking price , not only very high but also above my self imposed limit of 5000. Contrary to popular belief I have my standards and let guys to have theirs but 5000 ( I can hear screams already ) was approved with 3 hrs time frame.

But wait, there’s more, off fee while regular 500 , for models is 1000. I’m not sure if offing those models is daily occurrence because mamasan collecting fee seemed very happy and thanked me more than once. ... adventures

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