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#1 Rude Farangs

Postby Farangholiday » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:47 pm

I must say first this is only the second time this has happened to me in all the years I have been coming to Pattaya.

But tonight I was sitting in a bar talking to a waiter actually as he is a guy in his 30’s so not a boy.
He had another waiter take over whilst I bought him a drink and his english is quite good so we were talking about how he used to work overseas etc.

Then I heard a foreign accent to my left shouting “ hello hello” ,I turned to my left to see older European guys sitting there,one was looking at my waiter and pointing to the chair next to him,the waiter smiled but ignored him.

Again as i started my conversation with the waiter guy i could hear again “ hello hello”, I thought maybe they’re after a drink but i looked and they had drinks.

I said to the waiter “ do you know them, ? He said no .
I said you can go to them if you want.

He said no its fine I will sit with you .

Again i heard the voice,over here ,over here,this time it was the “European” guys friend who was sitting opp him.

At first I sat there steaming coming out of my head,I thought how rude are these people to see I have bought him a drink,he is ignoring them and I am talking to him.

So I sat there quiet but I could see out of the corner of my eye him putting a stop hand signal up so they were still obviously trying.

Again i heard in a foreign accent im not sure if they were German or Russian not that it matters they could of been Polish who knows,but again “ come here ,come here “

I turn to my left this time I really eyeball the 2 guys,both in their 60’s ,both small build and out of shape,i actually had visions of going over to him lifting the chairs off its front legs and punching him,lucky i didnt,but i was getting that mad I said loudly “ Are you that rude? You cant see he is sitting here talking to me? You cant see that? Yiu cant see his drink?

The waiter touched me on the shoulder “its ok dont worry

I stood up ,aactually for some reason I was that angry I was ready to take on them both and then the owner came rushing over,nice guy who asked what was wrong and stood in between us.

The 2 european guys sat there staring at me angrily but not saying a word,i decided then to checkbin ,i just gave the waiter a 500 b note and without waiting for my change I decided to leave.

In a way im glad I left ,I cannot stand people who are that rude,surely you must know if yiu see a boy or waiter or whatever sitting with a customer you do not keep shouting to that person to sit with you.

Its just manners.

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#2 Re: Rude Farangs

Postby gerefan » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:33 am

Im sorry to say you should not have left.

They got their way.

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#3 Re: Rude Farangs

Postby Jun » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:48 am

Whilst everyone should make their own decisions, in this case I think Gerefan is 100% correct.

Of course I have left bars due to obnoxious customers, but I wouldn't want to do that if it is giving them exactly what they want.


#4 Re: Rude Farangs

Postby Farangholiday » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:25 am

Well a couple of reasons I left were that I was “pissed off” I guess , that they continued their asking of the boy/waiter when he had gestured no,secondly I was angry more at being made a fool of,and if the waiter had gone over to them I would if been made a bigger fool of.

I would of hated to done something foolish eg start fighting with them,

But must wonder what was going thru their minds? I mean were they doing it on purpose to cause trouble?
This bar had bar boys ,here I was talking to a middleaged waiter , I just dont understand what was their aim?

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#5 Re: Rude Farangs

Postby gerefan » Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:44 am

Farangholiday wrote:im not sure if they were ... Russian

You may be onto something there...

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#6 Re: Rude Farangs

Postby Dodger » Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:23 am


My read on this is that the waiter you were sitting with could have done a better job managing this situation.

One option could have been for him to get you both seated in another section of the bar away from the two assholes. I'm saying this because I have been in similar situations many times where a farang wants to be with the boy I'm chatting with at a bar, and every time the boy knew instinctively how to handle it.

It's also possible that the assholes had some previous interaction with the waiter and expected him to join them when they arrived...who knows? But in any case you did the right thing by simply leaving and defusing the situation.

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