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Postby Farangholiday » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:58 pm

For the last 3 years I have been using a “Fast track service” when arriving at the Airport.

This takes out the long walk to the arrivals hall plus waiting in line with hundreds of others in line.
I will never forget a few years ago before using Fast track how I lined up for 30 minutes only to get to the front of the line and be sent to the back of the line by the officer on duty because I had failed to fill out the departures card correctly.

Having said that the first “ fast track” Company I used were inefficient and failed to wait for me at the arrivals gate ,apparently they were busy and had forgotten my appointment,ironically that company was managed by a farang,with due credit to them they did refund me the full amount immediately though.

Looking for a new company for my next trip I came across

I have now been using them for the last 2 trips and they have been always always reliable even on my last trip where my plane was 40 minutes late on arrival.

I was fearing the worst as I stepped out of the late plane and walked the gangway down however not to worry.

The smiling young lady was waiting for me with my name written on a board ,then I hopped into the golf buggy parked waiting for me ( optional) for the 5 minute ride ( I kid you not) to the arrivals area where she found a Immigration staff member to process my passport,all in all I think it was under 8 minutes and I was out sitting in the back of the car on my way to Pattaya.

Of course if you have luggage you will be at the carousel before it arrives and you maybe waiting sometime.

I however didnt have luggage , and I had also booked a car (1700b) to take me to Pattaya,the young lady who met me at the plane escorted me to the waiting car parked just outside the doors.

The car was immaculate with bottled water and uniformed driver who was very pleasant and spoke reasonable english.

He informed his Company he had picked me up and we were off to Pattaya,my only gripe was he was a driver who followed the speed limit to the letter making a slower trip.
He had looked up my Hotel destination on his GPS before picking me up but I could see his knowledge of Pattaya wasnt the best so I proudly guided him to my Hotel.

What I also like about this particular Company is I “tested “ them several days before to if they answer their emails ,and on a Sunday they answered within minutes and have a “ live chat” which I believe is 24 hours.

I am very impressed with their service and I am usually very hard to please so if your looking for reliability then you have an option to use this Company.

I also liked how they emailed me the next day asking for feedback.

I have no idea who the owners are but it seems to be a Company who train and motivate their staff on customer service and expect certain standards.

Of course its not cheap and I dont think the cheapest of all the fast track companies.

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#2 Re: Fast track service

Postby bao-bao » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:28 am

I've had this service highly recommended to me by two expat friends who use them several times a year. One doesn't use the cart service from the gate, the other does, and both admit it's a little more than other companies available. They've been urging me to try it for a while, and since I currently have some mobility problems I'm going to give it a go next trip. I'll post about my experience with them after I'm back.

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#3 Re: Fast track service

Postby fountainhall » Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:42 am

I have a friend with mobility problems. He simply orders a wheelchair from the airline and is whisked through fast track. His partner meets him after Customs and so he does not require a limo.

A reminder the fast track at BKK is available to all those 70 or over whatever class you fly. You still have to pay for the buggy service if you wish to avail yourself of it. But it certainly saves a lot of time at a Immigration.

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#4 Re: Fast track service

Postby Gaybutton » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:39 am

fountainhall wrote:You still have to pay for the buggy service if you wish to avail yourself of it.

What is the fee for that?

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#5 Re: Fast track service

Postby fountainhall » Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:07 pm

Never used it. According to the Airport Limousine website, one buggy from aircraft arrival gate to Immigration (but with no fast track service) costs Bt. 1,099. This can take up to three passengers. My understanding is if you use other premium services the cost drops.

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#6 Re: Fast track service

Postby Jun » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:16 am

After 12 hours on a plane, a brisk walk to immigration is exactly what I need. Exercise is good for us & that is my preferred choice. One day I might need the buggy & respect that some menbers may need it. If you don't need it & are still mobile, walking must be preferable.

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