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#1 Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:53 pm

I arrived in Bangkok on Thursday from Mandalay. I had booked a hotel for 8 nights but only lasted 5.

I didn't escape here solely because of the lack of sex - after my Yangon experience I certainly wasn't expecting any action - rather, I just got templed out. I hired a driver every day but after day one I'd had enough. There is a temple on every corner and down every alleyway and the hills surrounding the city are covered with them. They are the only tourist attractions in Mandalay and apart from a few architectural gems, they quickly start to all look the same. Basically I became totally stupefied by all the stupas.

But sex did play a part, if I am to be honest. There were lots of good looking guys working at my hotel and the security guard was stunning. Out on the streets there are lots of bare-chested hot, sweaty guys to admire but I found wandering around all day in 42 degree temperatures with a permanent hard-on very uncomfortable. So I decided to forfeit my remaining nights in the hotel - they would not offer me a refund - and make my way here.

Immigration was deserted so I arrived quickly at my hotel - the one which dares not speak its name. After a quick shower it was off to my regular hang-out to meet up with my guy and the two others I spent my last holiday with back in May.

How quickly things change! Only my regular boy was there -the other two were nowhere to be seen. One now has a day job and the other apparently is working at Tokyo Boys.

But not to worry ; my friend quickly introduced me to a rather handsome, masculine guy who had recently started work. He sat next to me and immediately took my hand and put it down his briefs. Now you're talking!

His cock was already rock-hard but the girth suddenly had a alarm bells ringing. Uh oh! Please don't tell me it's one of those silicone cocks! Nooooo!

My guy knows how much I hate silicone! What the fuck was he doing introducing me to him?? I quickly started thinking of how I could extricate myself from the situation. I took my hand off it but he then pulled down his briefs and put my hand back on it. I decided to take a look.

OMG! There was no silicone! It was real!

Sudden movement in my shorts alerted him to the fact that I was very much interested in what he had to offer, so he quickly dropped his briefs and sat next to me, butt-naked. Three hours of full-on cock play followed, ending with the most spectacular cumshot from a guy I've seen in a long, long time. He had put his feet up on a footstool and was frantically jacking off; I only took over when he was about to cum. The first spurt flew straight up into the air. I reeled back to get out of the way but it was too late - he came over my shirt and shorts and also hit my guy who was sitting the other side of me. The other boys in the bar started laughing and broke out into applause - they were as impressed as I was. Wow! Now that's what I call a cumshot!

He has the perfectly sized cock for a top - thick but not too long - so I arranged to off him last night after I'd been to a soi Twilight show. But by the time I'd arrived in the bar it was basically deserted. Apparently, two separate customers had come to the bar in the afternoon and both had opened bottles of whisky - eight in total! A quick ring-around and all the boys who usually stay home turned up in the bar and got roaring drunk and had gone home to sleep it off. Luckily, other guy I'd had fun with in the past was there and he whipped it out and asked me to chuck-wow him.

Sure. No probrem.

Now to the show at X-Boys. You'll be pleased to know that the old-style gymnastics inspired fuck show has made a welcome return. A stunningly handsome top fucked a guy in every "conceivable" position - and with the lights fully on! No more straining to get a look; this was right in my face. The top made sure that we all got a perfect view of the action. It was like watching a porn movie.

Apart from that act, the rest of the show was just so-so. But I didn't care.

Sometimes in a bar, the action in the audience is more entertaining that what happens on stage. When I walked in, there was a fat Chinese middle-aged lady sitting right down the front with a guy who looked like her gay son. She had a huge wad of 1000 baht notes in her hand- at least 50,000 baht, maybe more. She lined up whisky shots and invited the boys on stage to drink as many as they could, each shot wrapped in a 1000 note. I was horrified when one young guy downed 10! No doubt it was the quickest 10,000 baht he'd ever earned, but had he lived to enjoy it? What an idiot. Other boys eagerly took up the challenge but they struggled to drink more than 5 and a couple seemed to be about to puke.

She also lined up shots along the edge of the bar, each sitting on a 1000 note and the performers in the show all partook of her generosity. Their performance rapidly went downhill. Lol.

She had a number of boys sit with her son and everything was going very well when suddenly she started shouting at one of them and pushed him away. The boy escaped to the cashiers desk but she followed him and continued shouting at him. Things were getting ugly. I asked one of the waiters what was going on. Apparently, she wanted to boy to fuck both her and her son and he had asked for 4,000 baht and had refused to lower the price. If you'd seen her, you wouldn't have, either!

As I walked out I noticed she had taken another wad of notes and placed them in a glass. For the boys it was a very profitable night's work indeed!

I ended my night in Screwboys. I arrived in time for the 1am show but apart from a short sucking show featuring two guys with humongous cocks, and a rather energetic fuck show, it was just a procession of lip-syncing ladyboys.

At around 1:30 a number of young Vietnamese guys turned up, got changed and appeared on stage - no doubt they'd come to continue work after soi twilight had finished.

A farang next to me asked a waiter how much the boys were asking. He was told it was 3000 baht for 3 hours.

Needless to say, he left alone.

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#2 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby Gaybutton » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:57 pm

a447 wrote:I found wandering around all day in 42 degree temperatures with a permanent hard-on very uncomfortable.

Look at the bright side - at least you still can get one to be uncomfortable with . . .

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#3 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:42 pm

After dinner I checked out Tokyo Boys, as one of the guys I had fun with last trip had moved there. He was sitting outside waiting for me.

We quickly moved inside and the first thing that struck me about the place was how tiny it is - one side of the room is mostly taken up by the bar counter, with a small seating area next to it, and there were around 5 very small tables on the other side up against the wall. There is a ridiculously tiny stage at the back of the bar. Nature Boy immediately came to mind.

My table was right up against the stage. Normally, I wouldn't have minded being so close to the action, but unfortunately, I found the guys to be very unattractive. Of the 7 crammed like sardines onto the stage, 5 were overweight -ok I guess, if you are into chubby guys, but definitely not for me. Two guys were slim and I found them mildly attractive but I still wouldn't off either of them.

My guy stood out like a sore thumb as the most appealing boy in the bar. Not only that, since I last saw him around 9 or so weeks ago he has now developed a six pack and has bulging arm muscles to match! My god, how can that transformation happen in such a short time? How can you go from a normal physique to having a washboard stomach in 9 weeks? He is incredibly proud of his achievement, as well he should be. The other guys should perhaps learn from him. For a fleeting moment I thought maybe I could also transform myself, but I fear I have left my run a little too late!

Drinks are 350 baht, which is way to expensive for a bar with so few guys on stage. But the rent must be horrendous.

Sitting so close to the boys meant that I was constantly being harassed for drinks. I'd soon had enough so decided to leave, telling my guy I'd be back to off him after I had seen the show at XBoys.

Unfortunately, pouring rain had put a dampener, so to speak, on activities over in Soi Twilight and the place was deserted. I sat at the beer bar directly opposite XBoys to see if any customers turned up. I only saw the Chinese lady from the night before go in.

Meanwhile, I was joined on the sofa by a cute Lao guy. And then it started. "I go with you tonight? You nice man. I love you" yada yada. He was driving me mad. I managed to hold on until show time but as I'd not seen any other customers entering the bar, it was clear that there would be no show. So I escaped to Golden Cock where one of the guys was waiting for his chuck-wow. By now it was really pissing down and the soi was flooded.

When there was a break in the weather I went back to Tokyo Boys to pick up my guy for the night. When I arrived the show was in full swing - a fat ladyboy was lip-syncing whilst doing her best to fit onto the stage.

I paid the 600 baht off fee and we walked back to the hotel. Everything at that stage seemed fine, but when we got to the room it was apparent he'd been drinking. Alarm bells rang when I heard loud sounds of water coming from the bathroom. I went to see what was going on and found him in a rather confused state, not knowing how to turn off the shower. Needless to say, the bathroom floor resembled the flooded sois outside. For some reason he'd also turned on the basin taps.

I suggested we leave it to another time but he insisted he was ok, so we jumped into the bed. It all started well, with an exquisite, if over-enthusiastic, blow job. But he couldn't get it up. A serious case of brewer's droop. I worked on him for a while and he got semi-hard but it was nowhere near the large appendage I know he possesses.

So out with the ipad for some Japanese porn. When there was a bit if movement downstairs he slipped on a condom but his cock was nowhere near up to the task. So back to the porn.

This went on for an eternity but eventually he got it absolutely rock hard. It was enormous! Where did that come from? I don't remember it ever being that big. Don't tell me he has been working on that part of his body, too!

I quickly got into position. He put it in with all the subtly of a sledge-hammer - he just rammed it home. Ouch! After the initial shock things quickly settled down and we got going. Now you're talking!

Alas, it lasted less than a minute as he'd lost his hard-on for the umpteenth time.

He ripped off the condom and rolled over on his back for the chuck-wow. Well, what can I say? Despite watching more porn his cock was up and down like a yo-yo. Forty or so minutes later his cock suddenly grew to it's enormous size and he finally came. By now I had lost interest and my arm was on the verge of falling off.

He finished me with a blow job and that was it.

Needless to say, I was not happy at all. I know from his time in Golden Cock that he's a drinker - one drink would be gulped down in less than a minute or two and he'd be ready for the next one.

But working in a gogo bar is different. He should know that he must restrain his urge to get drunk, and drink responsibly. Otherwise he has no chance of scoring repeat offs.

Which is what he wanted from me.

Fat chance of that happening.

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#4 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:18 am

One of the things I love about my Bangkok boy is that he takes such good care of me, and not just in bed. He knows the type of boys I like - handsome, slim and well-hung - and he had many friends who got that category and gets them to come to the bar to meet me.

Tonight when I got there he rushed up to me all excited, saying he had invited his friend over to see me.

"He from Lao and have very long cock. You can hold with two hands!"

He walked in and I nearly fell off my chair. OMG! What an absolute stunner! I went weak at the knees as he sat down beside me. Just gorgeous! He smiled at me and my knees were literally knocking together. I was speechless. He reminded me of the stunningly handsome guy at Boyzboyzboyz who I wrote about in a trip report a few years ago. A one in a million guy.

"You can touch his cock. No problem."

He looked at me and smiled. I couldn't believe my eyes. Or my luck. He undid his belt and unzipped his fly and then opened his briefs to give me a look.

What? Where's the big cock? It's actually very much on the small side. What a let-down!

I squeezed it and suddenly it sprung to life and started to grow. And grow. And grow some more. Fuck, it's huge!

"See? I tell you he big."

I held it with both hands and it still stuck out the top.

It turns out he used to work at XBoys but has since "retired." He told me he had made a lot of money but needed a rest from the bar scene and the snooty mamasans. I imagine he would have been in very high demand. Definitely the bar star.

I enjoyed 2 hours of hands-on fun with him while the other Lao guy with the fat cock sat on the other side of me stroking my cock. He was in a particularly happy mood, as I had arranged to off him tonight.

As we left the bar my friend told me he had already arranged for us to meet again.

I wasn't sure how tonight's sex was going to pan out. This afternoon's session was cut a little bit short as I found it a bit painful. This is because of the way last night's off rammed his cock into me with so much force. I told him I'd give it a go but he would have to take it slowly. If we couldn't fuck it wouldn't matter, as his speciality is blow jobs. He's an expert.

But all went well, as he's also a top par excellence. I even got to witness a repeat of that awesome cumshot.

I wonder who my friend has lined up for me tomorrow night?

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#5 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby fountainhall » Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:48 am

a447 wrote:It turns out he used to work at XBoys but has since "retired." He told me he had made a lot of money but needed a rest from the bar scene and the snooty mamasans. I imagine he would have been in very high demand. Definitely the bar star.

Nice to know that at least some of the boys can still make pretty good money in the bars.

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#6 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:53 pm

This guy was basically worn out. There is only so much sex you can have. With multiple offs night after night your body would start screaming at you.

You'd no doubt last a lot longer if your customers were always the type who turned you on.

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#7 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby Gaybutton » Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:47 pm

a447 wrote:There is only so much sex you can have.

WHAT?!?!? I never thought I would see that in a post from a447, the ultimate sex machine . . .

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#8 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:21 am

I wish, GB! Those days have long gone.

I made my way over to the bar to pick up my friend for our afternoon session, only to find he was unable to perform today. Like all the other boys in the bar he'd come down with a nasty cold and looked very ill. I scolded him for coming into the bar in such a condition, as he could have told me on Line. But he said he wanted to be there to greet me. What a sweetie!

Never mind, I should take last night's guy, who was sitting with me, cock at the ready.

As he left, the rain started bucketing down and the soi was quickly flooded. There was no way we could make it back to the hotel without walking through all the filthy water. I was trapped in the bar.

Lucky me! We spent the next three hours sucking and "chucking" on the sofa. A bit of fun, then some drinking and chatting, back to the fun and then some more chatting. It's called "edging," I think. Christ, I could last all day doing that!

During one of our interludes he introduced me to grindr, an app I've heard so much about but never actually seen. Wow! It was full of photos of guys' cocks. I'll have to download it, even though I'll probably never use it as I prefer to meet guys in bars.

Later in the evening I went to Hotmale for the show. When I arrived there was only one other customer, so I decided to leave straight after my 400 baht drink, as there would surely be no show tonight.

What on earth has happened to Hotmale? Where have all the hot guys gone? On stage stood an strange mix of young guys, daddies and grandfathers. And where is the guy with the huge bulge who I reported on last trip? What a disappointment!

Normally, with only 2 customers you tend to be the focus of the boys' attention, and I hate that. But tonight they had set up screens in the bar, 2 of which were directly in front of the boys on stage, showing the World Cup. It appears that we were unable to compete with that.

A couple of Chinese arrived to boost the audience to 4 and suddenly the lights went down and the music started. Don't tell me they are going through with the show. Surely not. But they did. Kudos to the bar for that.

It was like a private show. And it wasn't shortened, either. It featured metres of cock and ended with the old-style acrobatic fuck show - with the lights on. As usual they came down from the stage and gave us our own very long fuck show. The guys stood as close to me as possible to make sure I got a clear view of the action, literally right in my face. The Young Chinese girl sitting on the sofa next to me actually grabbed the top's massive cock on the out stroke and held it while he was fucking. Yuk! I hope she washed her hands after that.

I then headed over to Golden Cock. I wasn't intending to stay; I just went to pay them the 1000 baht I owed then from this afternoon's fun. I managed to spend more than I intended.

But who should be sitting there but last night's Lao stunner! I decided to stay.

He sat with me and immediately unbuckled his jeans. As he placed my hand on his appendage he whispered "You want me go with you tonight?"


Back in the room he quickly undressed and showered. He came out of the bathroom with a massive erection - surely the longest cock I've ever seen. We jumped into bed and I was able to get a proper look at it. It's even bigger than I thought; I'm guessing 10 inches, maybe longer.

"Are you really going to fuck me with that??"

"Sure. No probrem. Can do."

And he did. And it was beyond amazing.

We finished with a long chuck-wow. He likes to take his time. When my arm got tired I just lay back and watched him do it. And it wasn't your basic chuck-wow - he employs a variety of techniques to get off.

He's not working tomorrow night but he said he wanted to see my money....oops, I meant me, for another round the night after.

I gave him a tip as large as his cock and he left with a huge smile on his face.

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#9 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:28 pm

I now find myself in a bit of a quandary, albeit a good one.

My afternoon session is spoken for - that's the way it has been for years. But as for the evening I now have 2 Lao boys to choose from.

Yesterday I went to the bar to pick up my guy. We discussed my predicament and it was suggested that I could have all three - my guy in the afternoon, the Lao guy with the fas cock and Mr Ten Inches.

How is that possible, I asked. Two is enough. My friend divided the time into three - him now, another at 8 pm and Mr Ten Inches after midnight. Spacing them out this way would give me time to recover and get horny again.

Mmmm...I'd be up for that.

So around 8 I offed the first guy. I forgot to tell you that apart from having a nice fat appendage, he has enormous balls. I love sitting in the bar whilst cupping then in my hand and moving then around with my fingers. So soft! The problem is that they are too big to fit in one hand. Now, if only Mr Ten Inches had those balls!

I find Lao guys the most uninhibited boys of all, plus they are expert "samokers." We got back to the hotel and he immediately put his skills to use, kneeling down at the end of the bed and going to work on me. I just love a guy who knows how to use his tongue!

We finished our session with a continuation of the "samoking" to finish me off. I told him today I'd cum outside, not in his mouth. I warned him in good time that I was about to cum but he just kept going until I came - in his mouth! Although I was secretly delighted, I scolded him for doing that. It has certain risks.

"It's ok. I don't swallow."

I still don't think it's a good idea but that's his decision. He tells me he's being doing it for years.

We went back in the bar to wait for Mr Ten Inches but I realised I could not go through with it so got my friend to call him and cancel.

The bar had 3 customers but that quickly swelled to 4 and then 5. Then a Dutch guy walked in with two female companions, one very attractive, and the bar was full. Must be a first. The Dutch guy is well -known to the boys and are friends with my guy so I suggested he go and join them. He can sit with me any time, but these customers rarely come to the bar.

The music started, alcohol flowed freely and the Dutch started singing karaoke and dancing. It was full-on party time! The boys were having a great time, which I really enjoy seeing, taking turns to "fuck" the attractive girl as she bent over and played along.

My guy is not a drinker - a couple of whiskies and he changes to Coke. But last night he really let his hair down and got absolutely shit-faced. Of course, I'd never seen him like this and had no idea he could drink so much. He somehow managed to keep his cock in his pants, unlike some of the other boys.

Another Lao boy who works there - gay but no so attractive to me - staggered over to me, pushed his cock in my face and invited me to "samoke " him. When I declined he decided he'd have a go with me but I declined that offer, too.

This afternoon I turned up to pick up my guy only to find him very much the worse for wear. He told me he wouldn't be able to do anything today. That wouldn't be a problem in any case, because although he missed out on the money today from me, he would have made quite a bit from the drinks last night. He told me that over the evening he drank 14 (!!) beers one tequila and a couple of whiskies - the bar manager confirmed this. He was as shocked as me.

I asked my friend how he got home. He called a friend who is a taxi driver. Problem is, he puked out the window on the way home - no surprise there - and his friend apparently got very angry with him. No surprise there, either.

Anyway, I had a great session this afternoon with the fat-cocked Lao. And although he promised me he would not let me cum in his mouth today, sometimes a broken promise is to be welcomed!

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#10 Re: Bangkok report July 2018

Postby a447 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:20 am

Tonight has been a night I'd rather forget.

I went to pick up my massage guy but he wasn't anywhere to be seen. I asked the manager and was told "He upstairs now with customer."

Well, that was the end of that. If he has already cum then there's not much point in taking him.

I told him last night that I would be there at 9 to pick him up but if he had a customer, don't wait for me. So he didn't, and that's fine. Business is business.

So I went to Soi Twilight to see the show at X-Boys. I sat there for an hour looking at the guys on stage. The show started late because the bar was less than a quarter full. And it was totally boring! Being A Friday night, I was looking forward to the fuck show but there wasn't one. Damn! I've just wasted 2 hours.

I still don't understand why they have lip-syncing ladyboys. Can't they see that most customers are disinterested and just start looking at their phones? And for god's sake, if you must have these acts, at least have the dancers bare-chested instead of dressing them in clothes from the bargain bin at Big C!

By now it was 12 and I decided to head over to GC, but on the way ran into my massage boy.

Back in the room he asked for a beer.

"I drunk tonight, " he said as he gulped it down.

What??? Dont tell me!

"I have 5 beers. Big ones, not small. But no probrem. Can get strong,"

We showered together and that's when he showed me that he only had one ball. From what I could understand, one ball didn't decend until he was 13 and it was removed as soon as it appeared.

Ok. So what next??

We got into bed and I "samoked" him. After getting semi-hard I asked him to return the favour.

"Sorry. Cannot. I man."

'Can I fuck you? Can you fuck me?"

"Sorry. Cannot. I man."

Oh, for fucks sake!!

So I chuck-wowed him, but it took a lot of work before he eventually got it up. It was a respectable size. But when I started to work on him he insisted on taking over.

"When I ready I tell you."

Gee, thanks a lot!

Well, I'll look on the bright side - at least I got to watch a cute guy wanking, so all was not lost.

He wanted to chuck-wow me but I told him not to bother.

It was 1:30 by now and GC was closed so I went over to the new Fresh Boys upstairs above Screwboys.

The bar is quite impressive with a nice layout and a large seating area surrounding the stage. I was the only customer so as usual was the focus of attention. All the boys are either from Cambodia or Lao.

I chose a cute Cambodian to come and sit with me. When his drink arrived (350 baht) he told me he was a bit drunk because he been drinking with a customer. In the end it didn't matter because I was in no mood to off anyone.

In all my trips this is the first time I've encountered so many drunk guys. It's unbelievable. What on earth has happened all of a sudden? Why all the heavy drinking? Of course, I'm sure I've had guys in the past who were drunk but I didn't pick up on it.

Note to myself : Get to the bar early before they've had time to drink!

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