Bangkok report April 2018

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:49 am

I went to Hotmale for the show tonight.

I arrived at 10pm and the 9:45 show was in progress. There was a stripper on stage when I walked in but then it was over! So much for the show!

The bar was virtually empty and they had about 10 guys on stage, including a gogo granddad with a pot belly! And I know that Soi Twilight is going through lean times but a couple of the boys looked quite emaciated.

A pesky waiter came over and tried to sit with me but I cut him off at the pass by moving to the edge of the sofa. When I told him I was just looking, he went through all the boys on stage, telling me where they were from. There was one guy from Myanmar with a gorgeous body - number 23 - and a couple from Cambodia.

"What you like? You like big cock?"

"Not particularly."

"Number 15 have long cock."

I feigned disinterest and he finally left me in peace to ogle.

Number 17 has the most beautiful smile; it would melt your heart. And number 6 was really cute and appeared later in the show sporting an impressive member. One guy, whose number I can't remember (the Myanmar boy?), as I had my eyes elsewhere , had an incredible bulge that his briefs were battling to contain. He kept smiling at me and every now and then would give me a little wave.

Desperate times! Lol

I've always thought that Hotmale has the best looking guys, and tonight was no exception. A couple of the coyote dancers were really hot and handsome, although their "dancing" was not up to Hotmale's normal high standard.

I've also always believed that they have the most hung guys of any of the bars in the soi, and I wasn't disappointed.

The show began and was quite interesting. The acts actually drew loud applause. (That's got to be a first.) But for me it lacks the sleaze factor.

As usual, the was plenty of cock on display right from the beginning, which I think is a particular feature of this bar. If joined together they would reach to the moon. And back, probably. And unlike other bars, it's not just a few of the guys in the show who are well-endowed - they all have a lot going for them, so to speak. Does Hotmale only employ hung guys, I wonder.

And not a lip-syncing ladyboy in sight.

Then number 15 appeared - the guy with the allegedly long cock. OMG! I'm guessing 9 inches. He's also very handsome and had a swimmer's physique. What's not to like? Mr Perfect!

As he was going through his routine, which included a bit of pole dancing, three young Japanese girls came in, sat down the front and nearly fainted. I've never seen a 9 incher in Japan, and I'm sure they haven't, either. They squealed with delight as he came up to them and waved it in their face. If truth be known, I was also squealing!

He re-appeared later in other acts and got down from the stage, along with number 17 with the killer smile and gave the Japanese girls a grope. They will definitely be back tomorrow night.

After the show I was determined to have Mr 9 incher sit with me but someone grabbed him before me.


Drinks 400 baht for the first one, then 350 thereafter. Bar only one quarter full, if that.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:37 pm

I can't believe what I'm about to write.

Last night Golden Cock had customers! Six, in all!


Drinks were flowing freely - I bought 25 in total for the 4 of us - and everyone was having a blast. There was a bit of action happening on the sofas, but unlike Eros, it was not entirely out in the open. But there were plenty of hands up shorts and down pants. The boys don't mind flopping it out but the customers are a little more reticent, although the other night one guy was getting a hand-job while sitting at the bar.

An attractive youngish German guy, known to the boys, turned up and immediately picked up a microphone. Oh, no! Please don't sing! There's nothing worse than having a guy who thinks he can sing mournfully moaning into a mike.

But sing he did. And what a beautiful voice. He kept us all entertained with songs in German, English, Italian, French and Thai. When he sang "Chaimai Khun", apparently with perfect pronunciation, the guys went wild.

He even dragged me up for a duet of Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien."

The boys didn't go wild.

Two of the guys said they'd read about the bar on the internet (maybe here; who knows?) and were surprised it was open during the day. They said they'd be back this afternoon.

Unfortunately for them, many of the boys are still on holiday and usually there are only 2 others apart from my 3 guys in the afternoon. Others only turn up at night. You'd think the manager would be on the phone telling them to get their arses in the bar during the day, but that is not how it works, apparently.

We know that we all have different tastes, so to speak, when it comes to guys. One boy, who I'm not attracted to in the least, found favour with one of the customers and had a bit of a steamy session with him on the sofa.

There's also a very dark-skinned guy, ex Nature Boy, working there and again, he's not my type. I do, however, remember having him sit with me once and he flopped out his beautiful Issan appendage. Suddenly, he became instantly attractive!

I got talking with him last night standing at the bar, and he's a really lovely guy -very touchy-feely and he loves to give you a kiss and a cuddle. He looks a bit rough, but in this case looks are definitely deceiving.

Although I've already literally got my hands full with my regulars, I'm going to have him sit with me today and just see what "comes up."

I left at 2am but the party was still in full swing.

All in all, a really fun evening.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:24 am

Tonight was very quiet in the bar. Last night's party had taken its toll. Some boys arrived late, others were still sleeping it off.

There was only one customer tonight. Two boys serviced him, taking turns to give him a blow job,.He is from South America and had a magnificent appendage.

When he eventually came - the poor boys were exhausted at the end - he left with a huge grin in his face.

One of the boys actually have me a blow job a couple of weeks ago and I can vouch for his technique. It was unbelievable.

As I'm coming to the end of my trip I'm getting quite worn out. Basically, I've had enough for the time being. My daily afternoon session with my regular is sometimes a little too intense. It seems to go on forever - not that I'm really complaining. Being a top is exhausting enough, but bottoming for him gives me a real workout, as he keeps changing positions and expects me to be an acrobat.

But after we finish we kiss and cuddle then take a nap for an hour or so. We wake up, have another cuddle, chat a bit and then go off to dinner.

But one session with him and I'm done for the rest of the day.

When I go back at night the boys try to get me to cum again but to no avail. So we just drink and chat. I've learnt a lot of Thai, so that's a bonus.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 5:47 pm

I'm now on my way to the airport after a bit of drama regarding the taxi.

There is a dickhead working at the hotel. Every morning when I was sitting outside furiously typing on my iPad, he would constantly come over to practise his English, even though he could see I was busy. It drove me mad!

Today I asked him to call me taxi and told him they must use the meter. I waited and waited but there was no sign of a taxi, so I walked down the driveway onto the street to see what he was doing. Taxis were passing by but he had his back turned to the road!

Finally he snared one. I got in and was told it was 500 baht. When I asked him to turn on the meter, he reversed up the street and dumped me back at the hotel!

"I told you, I want a meter taxi."

"Oh,sorry. I forget!"

He got me another one but as soon as I hopped in, it was 500 baht. I was now running 20 minutes late so I just gave in.

Before heading off to the airport I decided to try one of those foot massages. I'd had my eye on a couple of cuties at the massage places outside the hotel. But today there weren't any guys outside, just a couple of girls. So I wandered up to Art Massage where I found a very nice -looking guy. I grabbed him straight away.

It was my first real massages by a professional and it was wonderful! I tried to engage him in conversation in Thai - what's your name, where are you from, can I chuc...." Oops! But he had heard it all before and wasn't interested I think he may have wanted to just concentrate on the job. He did, however,m tell me he was from Issan. Instant boner!

He didn't go above the knees - no surprise there - but it was incredibly sensual. I'll definitely be having more of these massages next time I'm in town. Some of the guys at the other places give me a bit of a wink as they approach me, so there's the possibility I could have an even more sensual massage upstairs.

Last night after dinner I went to Moonlight again for the 10:30 show. I paid my 400 baht and walked in, only to see 5 boys on stage and 7 customers. Obviously, there would be no chuck-wow finale in the show tonight. Oh, well....

Here's a brief description of what you can expect in the show:

1. two uncoordinated boys "dancing"
2. 4 guys parading on stage displaying their beautifully toned bodies
3. 3 guys dancing with a glimpse of one hard cock
4. a stripper who bared nothing
5. quite a good blow job act
6. 5 guys in towels, removing them to show their large members
7. another stripper, this time with cock. Very impressive.
8. 9 gogo boys "dancing." Terrible, but at least they were having fun
9. same 4 body beautiful guys parading on stage
10. boring shower show

And here's dinner last night!

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