Bangkok report April 2018

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Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:28 am

I arrived at Suwanaphumi around 11:30 am. Along the way to Immigration I managed to get past a number of Chinese tour groups but when I reached the entry my heart sank. There were at least 6 more groups ahead of me.

Damn! I'll never get out of here.

My spirits were lifted - actually, they positively soared - when I saw a sign stating that Immigration now has a "vision." Thank god for that. Their "vision" will save the day!

But they appear to have developed cataracts. If they really had a vision they'd be dispatching immigration officers up to Chinese airports to process the tourists before they arrive. Either that, or create a dedicated immigration area for them. But TIT so this just continue on as per usual.

They also have a new mission statement, represented by the letters S.M.A.R.T.
Each letter stands for something but the writing was too small to be read by anyone without a telescope. That may have been deliberate, because if we could read it, they would have to actually carry out the mission. Best keep it hidden.

It took over an hour to get through. Only half the booths were manned. But luckily, many of the tour group members seemed disorganised and were standing aside filling in their immigration forms, thus allowing others to get past them.

Against my better judgement I decided to take a taxi into town instead of the train - I figured at 1pm there shouldn't be a lot of traffic. At first the wasn't, and the driver was able to slam it into first gear and put his foot down. But once out of the taxi zone we ran straight into a massive traffic jam.

It took over an hour to reach Silom.

My guy was patiently waiting for me at the hotel and we went straight up to the room after check-in and got down to business. He wasn't in town during my last visit so it's been 6 months since we last met. We had a lot of lost time to make up and he put in a remarkable performance. He was perhaps spurred on by the fact that as soon as he entered the room I gave him a bottle of his favourite eau de toilette. After we'd finished and showered he gave me a nice squirt - the second for the day! LOL

Tonight I went to the show at Moonlight, which has opened in the old Jupiter Bar off Suriwong.

After buying a 400 baht drink ticket at the entrance I was ushered to my seat. The bar was quite full, but not with Chinese women as I had expected, but with Asian men.

I arrived as the first show was in full swing. Six muscle guys were showing off their bodies but to be honest, only two look as though they'd seen the inside is a gym. Nothing to see here.

The next act consisted of about 20 guys "dancing.". Now these guys are all 100% straight - no fems here - and we know straight guys can't dance to save themselves. They were uncoordinated, awkward and self-conscious but it was really very entertaining. You don't need cock to be entertained. (I can't believe I just wrote that!) They were all having a great time on stage together, laughing and joking their way through the dance sequence, and that's what made it so refreshing and entertaining.

This was followed by a guy from China who appeared on stage in high heels and bondage gear. He was a pole dancer, and a very skilled one at that. But he was rather unattractive and the heavy make-up couldn't hide a face pock-marked by acne. Most unfortunate.

Still no cock. But never fear, we now had a stripper on stage. And right at the end we got a glimpse of his large appendage.

The last act was the big cock show.

After the show only 5 guys came back on stage; I'm guessing all those others just do the show. Although they are my type, I didn't find them in any way attractive. In fact, I only saw one guy I'd describe as handsome and he was sitting with a customer. The boys were ill-fitting red shorts which do them no favours.

At one stage I turned around to find that the customers who had been sitting behind me had all left - I was one of 5 still in the bar, so with that I got up and left.

I like the layout of the bar; it's quite small and compared to the Soi Twilight bars, I found it very intimate.

But I don't think I'll be back.

I walked past Soi Twilight to and from Moonlight, and given that it was a Saturday night, the crowd was very disappointing. For the first time I could stand at the head of the soi and get a clear view of Classic Boys.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by Jogger » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:27 am

Thanks...a good read...await the next instalment!

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:04 am

and given that it was a Saturday night
Sorry. I've just been told it was a Friday night.

That's what happens when you are not working; you lose track of what day it is!

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:08 pm

The story so far :

I arrived in Bangkok, apparently on Friday, got fucked and went to a new bar.

The story continues here :

After an energetic afternoon session with my friend, I accompanied him back to his bar as he said one of the guys wanted a chuck-wow.

Sure. No probrem.

In I go, out it comes, off we go and out it comes.

The sticky mess reminded me of something - the mango and sticky rice dessert at Jim Thompson! So off I wapent to the restaurant on Suriwong, just around the corner from the bar. It was delicious. It's the only time I'll eat rice which has been sweetened.

Later in the evening I met up with two board members and we went out for dinner at Dicks. I don't know about them, but I had a great time chatting and listening to stories about the various paths they have taken in life. We all have a life story to tell and theirs were very interesting.

Afterwards, we all headed off in different directions. Having just discovered that it was a Saturday night I first thought about having back to Moonlight Bar. I originally went there to see their show, which received high praise on another board. I left disappointed. But like many other bars, maybe they keep the best shows for Saturday nights when the crowds tend to be bigger,

But I decided to go to Golden Cock, where I can enjoy my own private show. After the last customer left, my friend locked the door and stood guard outside so that the fun could begin inside.

Six guys sat with me and it was drinks and cock all around. One guy I met back in January was very shy at the time. He would watch the proceedings but never take part, his cock staying well and truly ensconced in his pants. But this time it was in my face the moment he heard the click of the door lock. Don't you just love quick learners?

He's a lovely guy but unfortunately, doesn't speak a word of English. My Thai is limited to "Hello, what's your name? Where you from? You wanna chuck-wow?" That's about it. But he seems to think I'm fluent and just rattles on in Thai. I do the Asian thing and just sit there nodding and smiling, with a "Really? How interesting!" look on my face. Last night I think he was talking about his family. But then again, he could have been giving me the weather report. No idea.

But when you get down to business, you let your hands do the talking. Here a chuck, there a chuck, everywhere a chuck chuck.


But not all endings are happy, as I realised when presented with the bill. Oh dear, after handing out the well-deserved tips, I discovered that I didn't have enough money. How embarrassing! "No probrem" - I could pay the rest tomorrow. But I wasn't having that so I went back to the hotel to get the rest. I like to settle my bills there and then.

I'm back at the Tarntawan, and I'm regretting it already. It's the only hotel I've ever stayed at where I feel bullied by the cleaning staff. They knock on the door at some ungodly hour wanting to clean my room. There have been times when I've been asleep and didn't hear them knocking. I'd awake to find them at the foot of my bed! They'd just opened the door and barged in unannounced!

On a couple of occasions I'd asked them to wait 5 minutes, quickly threw on some clothes, vacated the room and went downstairs. I went back 45 minutes later, only to find the room hadn't been cleaned!

No use complaining to the staff, as they don't speak English. But surely they could tell by the look on my face that I was very, very unhappy. Last time, I complained to the manager who apologised profusely.

But TIT. Nothing has changed.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:23 am

This afternoon was a carbon copy of yesterday - a romp in the sack, and then over to the bar to service my chuck-wowee. After that, it was off to dinner with my boy.

I decided to take in the show at Jupiter, just to see if it lived up to its reputation.

It didn't.

I arrived at 9:15 in good time for the 10:15 show in order to secure a front row seat. Unfortunately, they were all reserved and I was ushered to a seat behind one of the pillars. Nice one Jupiter!

As the time for the show approached the bar got very crowded (I think I was the only farang in the bar) so I decided to quickly move; I managed to find a better seat - actually it was a stool, at the side of the stage. It gave me a great view into the open change rooms.

There were about 15 boys in the rotation and some of the bodies were to die for! Absolutely incredible. Numbers 40, 43, 40 and 4 stood out. But only a couple of the boys were what I would deem handsome - the others looked similar to boys in the Soi Twilight bars. Nothing special at all. In fact the most stunning guy in the bar was the Asian guy sitting with his boyfriend in front of me. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was super cute.

Back to the boys on stage. I made eye contact with number 49. I kept staring at his bulge. He kept staring at mine, too. I refer, of course, to the bulge of money in my top pocket. If only he knew most of the notes were 100 baht! (Then again, he was probably thinking, if only he knew most of my bulge was silicone.)

The first "act " consisted of the boys - all 27 of them - parading on the catwalk. This was followed by a ladyboy lip-syncing while 5 guys gyrated around her, thrusting their pelvices at her.

Next, 4 guys "danced" and bared their butts at the end.

This was followed by a very energetic hula hoop show. But still no cock.

Then I saw it. I caught a glimpse of a cock as a boy in the change room climbed the stairs.

The strip show which followed is the first time I've seen such an act where nothing is revealed. The guy just pranced around to the music, eventually stripping down to his undies, attempting to excite us with even more pelvic thrusts. Very disappointing.

Next, 5 boys came out draped in curtain fabric. And guess what - more pelvic thrusts.

The boys then all appeared on stage and just stood there. My eyes landed on number 4 - not because he was particularly handsome (but he had a great body) but because he looked more farang than Thai. (I don't know which part of him is Thai, but I hope it comes from Issan and is located in the lower half of his body!)

Five boys then appeared in their underwear and coordinated their pelvic thrusts to George Michael's "I Want Your Sex."

Still no sign of cock.

In a recent moment of madness I proclaimed that cock is not necessary for an act to be entertaining.

I was wrong!

A stripper suddenly appeared. And you guessed it, more pelvic thrusts. But right at the very end he whippe away his last item of clothing and we got a millisecond glimpse of an enormous hard cock. And that was it.

After a dismal ladyboy lip-sync, accompanied by 4 pelvic thrusting guys, 4 guys came on wearing towels. Do I need to describe their "dance" moves?

By now I had lost the will to live. So I got up and left.

Considering all the hype about Jupiter, it was a real let-down. I was aware that nudity was not the main game but I thought the show was supposed to be really super sexy and that all the guys had model looks. The dance moves were awkward and out of sync - just like the guys at Moonlight.

To be honest, I've seen better looking guys and more interesting shows in Soi Twilight.

The 300 baht entry, includes one drink. I believe subsequent drinks are 150 baht.

I'd rather pay 500 baht at Dreamboys.

So off I went to Golden Cock where they locked the door so I could enjoy an exquisite blow-job by a guy way more handsome and sexy than any boy I saw in Jupiter.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:02 pm

Oh, dear! What have I done?

Have my reports on Golden Cock led to the increase in customers?

For years customers were few and far between - I was almost always the only one in the bar and had the guys to myself. No real need to lock the doors; I could be guaranteed of fun, fun, fun without the threat of interruption.

Last night there was one customer sitting in the bar when I entered around 10:30. He had opened a second bottle of whisky and was surrounded by boys. I've only ever sat on the same sofa over all these years and it's quite comfortable -it had my name on it, and probably some of my DNA, too! - but now I was relegated to one closer to the bar. And it's as hard as a rock.

One of my guys who I had chuck-wowed earlier in the day, left the customer and came over and sat with me. After a few drinks he wanted a repeat performance. I told him I was uncomfortable doing anything when there is someone else in the bar, but in the end I sat with my back to him and did the deed.

Unlike Eros, Golden Cock is quite a cosy bar and you are sitting in close proximity to others.

Earlier in the day it took at least 20 minutes for him to cum and last night was no different. I fact, my arm was about to fall off so I let him take matters into his own hands.

Then in walks another customer. And another. And with the whisky flowing freely and my guy settling in for yet another drinking session, the bar was in full party mode. The first customer then started the karaoke. Oh, dear! It was dreadful.

One o'clock came around very quickly. Time to close. But right at the last minute another customer came in and sat at the bar. I figured he'd be allowed one drink and then that would be it.

I got up to pay my bill and suddenly found myself in conversation with him. He was Russian and on his first trip to Asia. He had no idea where to go, how the off system works, etc, so I decided to order another drink and sit with him and give him a few tips.

They closed the doors and all the boys gathered around the bar. We were soon joined by two more customers, one a guy who works at the Tarntawan.

The Russian guy was really horny and decided he'd off my guy. How dare he! He's my guy!

In the end, he decided not to as he figured the boy was too drunk and probably couldn't get it up. But he'll be back to the bar tonight to off him.

By now it was 2:30. The manager was offering me free drinks, but I'd had enough. I left with the Russian.

On the way out he asked me where he could find a guy for the night. My only suggestion was to try the apps or wander up to Soi Twilight - he might find a free-lancer sitting on the stairs outside the bank. And then off to bed.

Have I shot myself in the foot?

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by Gaybutton » Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:09 pm

a447 wrote:Have I shot myself in the foot?
Well, maybe not in the foot . . .

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by aussie » Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:43 pm

a447 wrote:Oh, dear! What have I done?

Have my reports on Golden Cock led to the increase in customers?

For years customers were few and far between - I was almost always the only one in the bar and had the guys to myself. No real need to lock the doors; I could be guaranteed of fun, fun, fun without the threat of interruption.
Maybe they should provide you with a Golden Cock V.I.P private room with all the extra customers you are bringing in the bar. I guess that would take a bit of fun out of it as it is probably more exciting having some activities in the bar itself with the doors locked.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by a447 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:51 pm

No V.I.P. card yet, but the do offer me free drinks from time to time. I accepted one last night but I prefer to pay.

And yes, I'd prefer no customers so I can have my fun, but I still manage to sneak in a chuck-wow. But it means the boys are limited to playing with my equipment inside me shorts and I can't cum.

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Re: Bangkok report April 2018

Post by GWMinUS » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:59 am

a447 wrote:But it means the boys are limited to playing with my equipment inside me shorts and I can't cum.
So you mean Golden Cock does not provide FREE tissues???

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