A Matter of Size!

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#1 A Matter of Size!

Postby fountainhall » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:26 am

A little nugget culled from the pop star gossip page of yesterday’s Bangkok Post. It seems a number of young male celebrities “inadvertently or otherwise” have recently been posting images of themselves as they exercise. These have had female fans speculating not on their cute faces but on the size of their "endowments". Puttichai Kasetsin, better known as Push (perhaps appropriately!) posted 10 photos of himself jogging which happen to reveal a “bigger” bulge.

The actor and model, a well-known gym bunny, modestly claims he had not checked the below-the-belt part of the photos before uploading them (Oh yeah???). He adds that the bulge was probably created by the three layers of clothing he was wearing – underwear, stretch pants and a pair of shorts. Really? I’d have thought the stretch pants would have had the opposite effect making it more difficult for the outer shorts to show any indication of a prominent bulge. What might he have stuffed down there?

Another popular celebrity, the DJ Dome, is apparently “known” for the “supposed size of his member”, according to the Post. He was also captured in a park exercising in clingy shorts showing off an admirable asset.

Push brushes it all off. “Don’t go likening me to P’Dome,” he says. “My mother endowed me with only a little. When I am teased, it’s embarrassing.” Well the poor boy is not from Isaan so he's probably telling the truth!

Pity there were no photos so that we could judge for ourselves! :o :o :o

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#2 Re: A Matter of Size!

Postby GWMinUS » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:42 am

Checked Push's photos online.
All I can say is
Very handsome above the waist!!!

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