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#11 Re: More idiots

Postby Captain Kirk » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:54 am

Gaybutton wrote:
fountainhall wrote:For visiting tourists, a fine of only Bt.5,000 is to my mind ridiculous.

I agree. The question in my mind is Why? For what possible reason would anyone want to go to a foreign country, buy spray paint, and then use it to deface property? What would cause people to even think of doing that?

Can't you just hear this guy talking to his girlfriend the night before? "Hey, Honey . . . I've got a great idea about how to spend the day tomorrow."

In a way, people like this could be an asset. If hostile aliens come to Earth to kidnap some humans and end up with people like them, then those aliens are likely to say, "Forget about here and let's go invade a planet somewhere else. Who needs this shit . . . ?"

Arseholes just like to leave their mark. The place it irritated me most was at the pyramids in Giza. J Luvs M and all that shite inscribed all over the things.

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#12 Re: More idiots

Postby tree » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:49 pm

Here is another (1 year old) case: ... bi-update/
"Two Italians caught disrespecting the Thai flag" ...
"Well impressively, it took less than 2 days for police to track down the two guys and bring them in for sentencing."
Belongs probably to the young+stupid+drunk department.

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