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Here we are again at the beginning of the High Season, when many people return to Thailand after work or staying in the home country.
It is very nice to see everyone coming back for some sunshine, Thai culture and smiles, like the turning of the tide!
The weather as usual is getting cooler although still sunny. In the next couple of days we have a possible rain storm coming from Vietnam, but as you know Pattaya /Jomtien has its own ideas about weather and the really naughty stuff is only allowed to circle around us and seldom impinges on the daily routines!!
It can be seen marching across the bay hurling thunder and lightening about as if it was cheap, and then it dives off left or right, usually South, to the subjacent areas, who get wet.

The recent period of mourning and cremation has successfully passed now, and it was a magnificent display of organisation and ceremony that was truly world class in its perfection .
It embodied beautifully the feelings of the Thai people at this time, and was a stunning spectacle for us all to witness.

Loy Krathong also has just passed and it was conducted in a most peaceful and safe way, with hundreds of thousands of participants, casting their Krathongs onto the waters, thus ensuring happiness and prosperity for the future. Another success of vast scale ceremonial for Thailand which we are lucky to witness.

For the inhabitants of Jomtien, things are looking up. There has been an upsurge of new restaurants and entertainment venues in the area, of a very high class indeed.
We also are witnessing a time of massive construction of condos and hotels and beach roads so it seems sometimes that someone must know more about the future than we do!
The Thepprasit Road area for one, now has at least three very large markets and two vast show and entertainment centres, and pop up restaurants everywhere.
Hopefully they will all flourish.

Needless to say that Christmas is nearly upon us, about six weeks away, and Yupins has been taking bookings since about July for our Christmas Menu.
Here it is and there are still tables left on both days, CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY, so please let me know as soon as you can, if you would like to eat at Yupins!

YUPINS Restaurant
995 baht
24th Christmas Eve Sittings: 3.00pm-5.30pm-8.00pm
25th Christmas Day Sittings: 3.00pm-5.30pm-8.00pm
A Choice of starters
1/ Yupins Smoked Salmon Salad
2/ Yupins Prawn Cocktail
3/ Yupins Spring Rolls
Main Course
4/ The traditional Roast turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables, red wine gravy, Sausages wrapped in bacon, sage & onion stuffing and bread sauce.
5/ or a Thai dish from our menu.
A Choice of Desserts
6/ Christmas Pudding flambéed with cognac served with brandy butter and custard
7/ Yupins Mango and sticky rice
8/ Yupins Ice Cream

To follow: Coffee and a dark mint chocolate.
Bookings call : 087 062 9672 or 081 772 0679

You can also call us on our new landline telephone number at the restaurant
which is 038 250 394 best to call after 4pm when the staff should be there, hopefully! Or call after six to be certain!

An amazing thing happened on Wednesday, a technician turned up in the afternoon and installed a CREDIT CARD READER AND PAYMENT MACHINE!!!
WOW, at last. I know they have worked hard for the last 3 months to arrive at this 'point d'appui' and I sincerely thank them for this effort.

So now you have the facility to pay by credit card, if we can work out how to work the machine. He did tell us, but you know how it is.
I am so excited about this. However, as with all things there are at least two drawbacks!!
One is that the bank has told us to add 3% to all bills paid by credit card. Apparently it is the accepted method in Thailand to add 3%. I know this is not the case everywhere.
Also, the other is we have a minimum amount of 500 baht on which to use credit cards. This kind of makes sense I suppose. We wait with bated breath to see what happens.

Thanks and best wishes, Yupin


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