Arab problem sorted on soi 17 tonight ....

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#111 Re: Arab problem sorted on soi 17 tonight ....

Postby Gaybutton » Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:11 am

Undaunted wrote:
SP55 wrote: As many have said already, it's just a matter of time until someone will die in an accident there because of these people.

And hopefully I will not be one of them.

If anyone is injured or killed, my hope is it will be one, or more, of the people causing these problems in the first place.

The police raid only put a very temporary stop to it because there has been no follow-up. I keep saying I believe the simple solution, at least to the dangerous driving, would be speed bumps - big enough and strategically placed so that there's no way they can speed.

What these people are doing, for their own idea of fun, completely disregards consideration for others and the safety of others.

One poster wrote about "the art, culture and science that Arab and Persian civilisations gave us." These people are not among those that gave us anything. As far as I'm concerned, they're nothing more than selfish, inconsiderate, immature, imbecilic assholes.

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