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#11 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby Gaybutton » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:20 pm

a447 wrote:I stopped at the first row of seats and quickly scanned the stage. I couldn't see him. Within seconds I felt someone pushing me from behind.

I was out of there.

Don't let the touts intimidate you. If you really wanted that boy, I think you should have sat down and nursed a drink. Just because he wasn't on the stage, that doesn't mean he wasn't there. I have a feeling it simply wasn't his turn and he was probably in the back waiting for it to be time for him to be on the stage. I think if you had stayed and waited a little while, you would have had him.

If you decide to try again, let us know what happens.

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#12 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby readerc54 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:15 pm

a447 wrote: BTW, he told me he used to work in Dreamboys. He said the German owner was a really nice guy but one of the Thai managers was ripping the boys off to the tune of 10% commission. He said he left because no -one was getting offed by the Chinese.

I've often wondered if this is common practice in bars and massage shops. I've read anecdotal posts that mention this in the past. It would help explain the motivations of some of the more aggressive mama sans.

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#13 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby a447 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:18 am

After a nice dinner with my friend I took him shopping before we parted ways. I actually enjoy spending a bit on him because he makes me so happy.

And I'm not the only one, it seems. He has a new motorcycle, courtesy of one European customer and an old Chinese guy who visits Bangkok on a regular basis has promised to buy him a car next time. Apparently, this guy is very old and quite ill and needs constant care and that's exactly what my friend does for him. He even has to shower him. I'm not at all surprised ; he's that kind of guy and I think I'm lucky to know him.

Later in the evening I headed over to Soi Twilight to catch the X-boys show again. It was still early so I gave in to the charms of a very attractive young guy who works at Hotmale 2 bar and sat down. He came and sat with me and I bought him a drink. It turns out he's from Cambodia.

-Cambodian boys gave big cock.

-Yes, I know.

And with that, he took out his phone and showed me some photos of his appendage. Yep, that's a nice size.

I decided I'd off him after I'd seen the show. His name is Pompin or something like that.

There are some new boys on stage tonight. If you have the chance drop in and take a look at number 34. He seems to be half Thai and half Western and you'll go gaga when you see him smile. He's absolutely gorgeous!

The show was basically a repeat of last night 's with just a few variations. It was a bit too long - about an hour and a half.

I was there for the rimming show. Unfortunately, they decided to hang semi-transparent curtains around the stage, blocking out the view for most customers. Still, it was very erotic and the 90% Chinese audience really enjoyed it. (The bar was actually close to being full). The two guys finished by fucking each other but again, it was difficult to see.

The last act was the chuck wow show and finally I got to see a truly fantastic cumshot. He stood up and let fly. Jesus! How impressive was that!

I left the bar to pick up my new Cambodian friend but he had gone. I didn't really expect him to still be there. So I decided to go to Indra massage and meet up with the masseur from Isaan.

Alas, he was not there. Just as I was about to move on another masseur rushed over and gave me one of those beautiful Thai smiles. I was putty in his hands! His name is K.

He gave me a very sensual massage over the special massage pants you have to wear. After a couple of "accidental" touching he gave up on the massage, got naked and removed my pants and started working on me.

I asked him to sa-moke me but unfortunately, he doesn't do that.

But he does fuck. And it wasn't the usual pounding - it was long and slow. Very satisfying.

We finished in the usual way.

On the way out I ran into the Isaan guy. He looked disappointed, although there was no way we could have gotten it on because he was with another customer.

But now I'm in another quandary. Tomorrow do I choose the Cambodian cutie with the big cock or the Isaan masseur with the alleged monster between his legs?

I think I'll sleep on it.

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#14 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby a447 » Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:46 pm

The show at X-boys is truly awesome!

Sure, you have to sit through endless ladyboy acts, but at least they are accompanied by energetic male dancers, often shirtless. Yum!

The final two acts we were all waiting for were even better than the previous 2 nights. This time the lighting was much better and my vantage point seated down the front but at the end of the first row of seats gave me an excellent view of the action.

There was nothing fake about the performance. The rimmer really was licking the guy's hole, not the area around it. And they had a new guy doing it - just one is the regular gogo boys, not someone they had especially brought in to perform, as I has originally supposed. Afterall, rimming is not something everyone is comfortable doing, so I was surprised to see one of the lads doing it.

What I did find a bit disturbing was the way he would stick his finger up his partner's ass, pull it out, stick it in his mouth (!) and then re-insert it. Sorry, but am I missing something here? I think that's disgusting.

And the fucking was also real. I watched as he slowly inserted his massive member and as always, wondered how far he'd get it in. Well, he went in balls deep. The male anatomy is truly amazing!

After a frantic round of fucking - with all the lights on - he pulled out, had his partner put his ankles behind his ears and proceeded to rim and finger him again.

The action then moved to the ladder where more rimming took place.

The act finished with the rimmer kneeling at the front of the stage, furiously jacking off. At first I thought it was the jack off act, conveniently combined with the rimming, but no, that was performed by another guy.

He came out on stage, sat on his chair and off he went. He was soon joined by a very attractive ladyboy who danced around behind him. She then moved in front of him, which pissed me off because she was obstructing the view at times.

Suddenly she knelt down in front of him, he stood up and........came all over her face!!!!

Well, fuck me dead!

This was by far the most arousing show I've seen in years. In fact, I can't even remember when I last sat through a large part of a show with a hard-on.

It looks as though they have discovered the last bastion of gay sex to perform on stage - rimming. Hopefully, it's now here to stay.

I staggered out of the bar and stood at the side of the soi until by hard-on finally subsided. I then made my way over to Screwboys, as I was looking for a guy I'd offed many times before. To be honest, although I was feeling horny after the show, my afternoon session had been particularly torrid. As I won't be seeing him again for a week or so, he really want for it and the session was longer than usual. So I wasn't really up for more sex. But who knows what can happen.

The bar was packed with Asian customers. The mama-san rushed over and immediately led me to a seat. I was stunned when he not only remembered my name, but also the kind of beer I like, this despite it being close to 9 months since my last visit. Amazing.

He's told me my regular had gone back home.

'I know you like big cock. This boy big," he said, pointing to a slim dark boy.

So he came and sat with me. His name sounded like Goko and he's as black add the ace of spades. It turns out he's from Myanmar. He spread his legs and put my hand on his very impressive bulge. Oh, those balls! I love big balls! So soft! I stroked his cock with my thumb and it soon rose to the occasion. Mama-san was right. Nice and thick. And he has skin as smooth as silk.

The lights went down and the show began - time to take advantage of the darkness and have a good grope. Wow! Nice!

The fucking show here was also for real. All the action was reflected in the mirror at the back of the stage. But a little trouble lay ahead.

They came down from the stage, as is the norm, to collect tips. When they came to me, the fuckee asked for a tip, so I fumbled around in my pocket and pulled out what I thought was 100 baht. It turned out to be 20 baht and the fuckee well and truly let me, and those around me, know. How embarrassing!

So fished out another note, but this time it was 50 baht. For fucks sake turn on the lights!! I finally found a 100 baht note but even this was insufficient.

'No, 100 no good. 100 for my friend, too!"

At this stage I was ready to tell him to get fucked, but given the situation, I guess that would have seemed a bit redundant. But I stood my ground and all they got was 100.

So, that was Bankok after a 9 month absence. Let's see what Pattaya's got to offer.

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#15 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby christianpfc » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:00 am

readerc54 wrote:Would-be Chinese male and female patrons, and occasional westerners, would arrive from both ends of the soi, some with eyes glued to smart phones and promotion coupons in hand, seeking out Dream Boy.

My underline. Promotion Coupons? I.e. Discount Prices? That's new to me, I haven't heard that of any bar.

Quite the contrary, a friend who used to go a lot to bar told me he asked the Manager of Dream Boys if he could get a Discount if he came every night (instead of just 2 or 3 times per week): no.

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#16 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby readerc54 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:18 pm

I assumed that they were some sort of promotion because they showed them to the Dream Boy guy and he nodded. It was only the Chinese tourists (frequently m/f couples) who had these.

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#17 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby a447 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:57 am

I arrived in Bangkok around 4 and my first task was to go to Siam Paragon to get my glasses fixed - I'd just forked out 20,000 baht for the lenses. They put them back into their original frame but did not even bother to adjust them for me when I went to pick them up. (Needless to say, they were 5 days late.) When I got home I put them on, looked down and they fell off!

Also, the girl doing the eye test didn't have a clue what she was doing. I told her things were blurry but she said everything would turn out ok. "

"Don't worry. Will be perfect. Sure!"

They are close to useless. So that's it ; no more glasses getting made in Thailand.

My first port of call was X-boys for the rimming and facial show. Unfortunately, it was basically one ladyboy act after the other, ad finitum - sooo boring! It was half an hour before we saw cock.

But what a cock! It was at least 9 inches, and that's just the girth! (Lol.) I gave up on estimating its length. As usual, it looked even bigger as it was attached to a skinny guy. And what a cute smile to go with it.

More ladyboy acts followed, more guys dancing with hard-ons, a candle show.......

But no rimming show!

Damn! You mean I say through this shit show and I'm not even going to see the rimming act??

And there was no facial. But all was not lost as a guy sat on a chair and jacked off. So we both had a happy ending.

By now it was midnight so I walked over to Natureboy but my guy wasn't there. So off to Screwboys.

Like when I was there around Christmas, the bar was full to overflowing. I looked around and saw a couple of cuties. Mmm.....nice.

Then I saw him! We instantly recognised each other. He rushed from the stage and came up and gave me a hug.

'I know you! You speak Japanese!"

It was him!!!! I forget exactly which him, but who cares. He was the Myanmar boy I know I took back to the Tarntawan a couple of years ago, although I wasn't sure if it was a one-off, so to speak.

I offed him immediately.

As we were walking back to the hotel I had a funny feeling about this guy. Then I remembered - of memory serves me correct, he doesn't sa-moke. Oh no! Too late!

We got into the room and he literally pounced on me. So affectionate! So eager! So horny! So impatient to get back to the bar!

And I was right - he doesn't sa-moke. Bummer!

Speaking of which.....he did perform very well in that area, changing positions constantly to keep things interesting. When I thought he'd finished he ripped off the old condom and put on a new one and off he went again. I love it when the boys give me a good workout.

But something was lacking.

Size, to be exact.

His cock is about 5 inches - maybe a bit longer - but quite thin. Having just arrived here from Pattaya where I was ravished every day by a long, fat one, it's just not the same. And before going to Pattaya I spent those 5 days here where my guy from Natureboy with the monster cock serviced me every night.

It was just ok, so naturally I refused his request for 500 more baht to make it an even 2,000. He didn't argue.

If he wants more, then he has to do more. You can't refuse to sa-moke and still expect a bonus.

I won't be offing him again.

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#18 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby a447 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:34 am

Jesus! What's a guy got to do to get laid around here?

I woke up this afternoon and immediately messaged my Bangkok afternoon regular, only to get no answer. After numerous attempts I gave up and decided to try my luck at the massage parlours.

There was nobody particularly attractive in Soi Tarntawan, at Indra and Sun, so I walked over to Soi Twilight. There was nobody outside Bonny but I did see a guy sitting opposite Bankok Massage. We exchanged glances and I continued on down the soi to the snooker place opposite Dicks. Nobody interesting there so I sat down at the beer bar a mere 5 metres from the guy I'd just seen. I was intending to make eye contact with him again but I lost out to his phone.

I wandered back to Soi Tarntawan. A familiar face appeared before me.

"Ga!" I shouted. "It's you!"

"I remember you - we drink together before."

Ah, yes. That was our last fateful meeting which had ended badly. I'd been drinking with Ga and the massage guys and now decided it was time for a massage. We went upstairs but he couldn't perform. He'd drunk too much and couldn't get it up so I quickly ended the session.

The last I saw of him as when he chased me down the soi for the 500 baht cream massage fee. Needless to say, I didn't pay.

I tend to remember guys who don't sa-moke, and I thought maybe he was one of them. But it was too late - I'd already paid the 500 baht off fee.

And sure enough, I was right. He'd only do it with a condom so I decided to pass. Never mind, he can fuck me like before. He put in a sterling effort with his medium sized appendage, but it ended way too soon. He came within 3 minutes. Oh well, he can chuck-wow me.

Suddenly, out of the blue he started giving me a blow - job. Wow! What a turn-up of events. And quite skilled, too.

I have him his tip and after counting it in front of me he asked for 200 extra. I didn't give it to him.

I've never had a Thai boy count the tip in the roon; I've encountered that with non-thais. Are they more mercenary?

Off to Soi Twilight for a drink before the X-boys show. I sat with a cute Cambodian boy called Nate. The pressure was on from the start to come back to my hotel but he was too gay, too cute and too young-looking for me. If you are into that type, check him out. He's adorable.

Again, there was no rimming show but the chuck-wow was fun, as always.

Then off to Freshboys for the midnight show. Nothing much to report. Only 2 boys appeared in the big cock show; surely that has to be some record. There was a fucking show behind a curtain. I don't know if they were really fucking, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Finally off to Super A, as I heard they had lots of new guys. They had three.

The first guy I sat with was quite cute and very friendly but didn't speak much English. He didn't pack much in his pants but he did manage to get it up for me. Nice balls though. His name sounded something like Dom.

A very handsome guy was eyeing me off so I said goodbye to Dom and called him over. What a mistake that was! He has the biggest, most grotesque silicone cock I've ever seen. And to make matters worse, there were mooks lurking in that bulbous lump. Horrible. I tipped him and left.

Back in my room I found that my afternoon guy had sent me a message.

Thank god! I was on the verge of booking a taxi back to Pattaya.

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#19 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby a447 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:34 am

Today got off to an incredible start but after that, just about everything went downhill.

My Bankok boy is back on the scene! He arrived at the bar today and I sat with him for half an hour while my room was being cleaned. His hand went straight up my shorts and we got thoroughly re-aquainted. Heaven!

We got back to the room and immediately pounced on each other, almost ripping each other's clothes off. We spent a lot of time just hugging and groping on the bed. My god, he's awesome!

A quick shower and back to bed. He headed straight for my cock. Naturally, I returned the favour. He just loves being sa-moked. (No surprise there.)

Onto the main course. He was even more insatiable than usual, if that's possible. Normally, I last about half an hour before I surrender but today I couldn't get enough, no doubt as a result of the rather low quality sex I'd been having since arriving back in Bangkok.

For the first time he fucked until he was about to cum. So there was a lot of stop -start fucking with ever increasing rest periods in between. I told him he could cum inside if he wanted to but he knows I like the chuck wow at the end, so pulled out and rolled over onto his back.

His cumshot doesn't match that of my boy in Pattaya, but he hasn't had a customer for a few days so it was unusually impressive. He then got down on his knees and sa-moked me.

These regular guys of mine have much in common. One thing in particular is their ability to give me a toe-curling, bone -shattering, spine-tingling orgasm. They are the only ones who can do that. Hardly surprising, considering the orgasm is in the brain and these guys really turn me on like nobody else can. Ah, Asian boys!

I walked over to X-boys in the rain for the show and as expected, customers were few and far between. Consequently, the show was shortened. There was no rimming act -I think that may have ended for good - and no chuck wow show either. What a disappointment and a complete waste of time.

Off to Super A, where I found a real sweetie to sit with me. He is new to the business so was very shy and wasn't sure what to do. He doesn't speak a word of English so I got the mama-san to interpret. I needed to know if it was ok to put my hand down his pants.

"Sure! Can do! He ok!"

"No, I want you to ask him."

He said something to him in Thai. The boy smiled at me and opened his pants to give me access.

A few deft strokes and he was hard. Mmm..nice and thick.

During the hour that we spent together he was very affectionate and kissed and hugged me. He also gave me a very enjoyable cock massage over my shorts.

Mama-san suggested I change to Bay, the boy I had last night. He'd been patiently waiting.

But it was a big mistake. Unlike last night, Bay couldn't get it up -it had totally died in his pants. He just sat there unresponsive. I gave up and we just say there in silence. What a waste of time.

What's wrong with these guys? Last night I gave him a substantial tip. Didn't he want the same tonight?

Obviously not.

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#20 Re: Bangkok report Dec 2016

Postby Alex » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:25 am

Maybe it's just that Bay isn't a robot and couldn't perform that day for one reason or another? ;)

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