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Postby Astro » Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:08 pm

If the the number of bars and boys per bar remain constant then hiring more macho boys is tanatamount to getting rid of the ladyboys. And the tone of some posts feels very anti-ladyboy to me.

I find it surprising how intolerant some posters on Thai gay forums are towards the Transgendered community. Of course on some forums the posters are intolerant of anything and everything. :D

i use the word, "surprised" because I am not a big fan of PC and believe it is often better to express what's on your mind rather than letting it simmer.


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Postby CurlyEye » Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:47 pm

thaiworthy wrote:
CurlyEye wrote:Yeah, I do get emotional when it comes to ladyboys. Some of the nicest, most honest and jai dee people I've met in Thailand have been ladyboys. I get defensive on their behalf when I see some irrational negativity expressed toward them, whether it be written, in person, or whatever.

Hi CurlyEye,

We've met, so I know how you feel. I agree with you completely. Such an attitude is blatant prejudice, plain and simple, and there is no excuse for it here or any other board. There ought to be a rule.


Thanks TW, although I am not surprised you agree with me. You impressed me as a compassionate and caring human being.

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